My primary teaching responsibility, until I took on my current administrator position, was BIOS 2110: Human Anatomy. I taught this survey anatomy course for majors and non-majors 23 times in 18 years and instructed over 5,000 undergraduate students.

My other main assignment was BIOS 6330: Professional Development for BIOS Graduate Students, a course for graduate students on career preparation and scholarship.


Other courses I taught included BIOS 5740: Developmental Biology, BIOS 597: Developmental Aspects of the Chemical Senses, and BIOS 497: Developmental Neurobiology.  


As Dean of the Graduate College, I serve as the primary advocate for graduate education at WMU. I oversee all the functions of the Graduate College, from admissions to dissertation/thesis approvals. I am honored to serve in this position and to supervise an amazing team of Graduate College staff.

As Associate Dean of the Graduate College, my duties were varied and centered on supporting graduate education and facilitating graduate student success. I coordinated the university-wide Interdisciplinary Studies Doctorate program, provided oversight of the research ethics requirement for graduate students, developed resources for advising and mentoring graduate students, provided leadership in the graduate curricular process, served as academic advisor for non-degree seeking students, and performed "other duties as assigned" (which everyone knows is the majority of the things we do daily). I am honored to serve as a resource for graduate students, faculty, and staff at WMU.

Western Michigan University

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